Errismore races, Ballyconnelly

Sunday July 30th
13.2HH (1M):

1st HELLO STAR J:Dylan O’Connor;

2nd SORE LOSER J:Shay Wallace;

3rd,  DIAMOND NEL  J: Adam Browne Souza

14.2HH (1M):

1st  LITTLE CHIEF J: Nicola Burns;

2nd AN CAPALL DUBH J: Adam Browne Souza

3rd TAKE A CHANCE J: Reese Holohan

15HH (1M)):

1st CHANCY MONEY J: Nicola Burns

2nd FIADH’S FANCY  J: Patrick McGettigan

3rd WHAT’S GOING ON  J: Adam Grant.

Open Horse Race (1M):

1st  ANOTHER PLAN (Dylan O’Connor);

2nd MAVERICK (Adam Grant);

3rd  STAY WITH HER JOHNNY J: Julian Pietropaolo

Derby (2M):

1st KING OF THE HILL J: Patrick

2nd BIPOLAR BLONDIE (Adam Grant);

3rd  BIG TOM  J: John Mulvihill)

Open Horse Race (10F):

1st KINNEGAR BOY J: Sam Coen

2nd HEY COWBOY J: Julian Pietropaolo)

3rd WEST BOOTS  J: Patrick MeGettigan

Open Horse Race (12F):

1st SHE’S GOT IT2 J: Nicola Burns

2nd  MR JAMES  J: Adam Grant

3rd MAKE A PLAN J: Sam Coen

Non Winners’ Race (10F):

1st  RIGHT ON TIME  J: John Mulvihill

2nd LILLY (Erika Snioch);

3rd CARAMORE J: Adam Grant