Cahersiveen results

Sunday, July 23rd

12.2HH (6F):-

1, SOUTH OF THE BORDER (Lily Walsh);

2, TINY DANCER (Kian MeNally);

3, BISCUIT (Darragh Hayes).

13.2HH (9F):


2, DOWN MEXICO WAY (Oisin Goff);

3,HELLO THUNDER (Reese Holohan).

14HH (9F):

1st, SANDYCOVE (Julian Pietropaolo);

2, KATIE TAYLOR (Dylan 0’Connor);

3, RICE’S ROAD (Dylan Kennedy).


14.2HH (10F):

1, DREAM ALLIANCE (Darragh O’Sullivan);

2, PACMAN (Lily Walsh);

3, ST JAMES (Patrick McGettigan).


15HH (10F):

1, CALI CARTEL (Kian McNally);

2, M. O’Connor’s HASTA LA VISTA (Dylan O’Connor);

3, BENJI (Darragh O’Sullivan)

Open Horse Race (10F):

1st,  NOT NOW NED (Darragh O’Sullivan);

2nd, HONEST BERNIE (Kian McNally);

3, TOM’S CROSS (Sam Coen).


Open Horse Race (12F):

1st, CARO QUINTERO (Dylan O ‘Connor);

2nd, TEARS OF A CLOWN (John Mulvihill);

3rd, AL CAPONE (Adam Browne Souza)


Cahersiveen Derby (2M):

1st,  VERSTAPPEN (Kian McNally);

2nd, TOMMY K (Julian Pietropaolo);

3rd, BUBBA WATSON (Darragh O’Sulivan)

Maiden Race (10F):

1st, SMOOTH OPERATOR (Kian McNally);

2nd, G. Murphy’s OSAKA (Donagh Murphy);

3rd, UP TO CAPPA (Adam Grant).


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