Two Pony Races set for The Curragh in 2022

Great news!!!!
The 12.2/13.2 race in the Curragh is PROVISIONALLY scheduled for October 8th 2022. The jockeys who do not get to participate in the 14.2 will get first preference in this race as there is limit of 12 runners.
Exciting times ahead for our young superstars.

First race

Fantastic news for all our young superstars!
The 14.2 Pony Race at The Curragh Racecourse, is provisionally booked for Saturday August 20th!!!!

This race, will give preference to our young jockeys who are in their last year of pony racing. There is a limit of 12 in this race.
All ponies must have passports and be FULLY VACCINATED!

Please email your entry to [email protected] or [email protected]

There will be a balloting process if over 12 entries.

There will be another race in October, date and details announced on Friday.


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