The horse and pony racing Ireland family hold their breath

As the world of Irish horse and pony racing, hold their breath in anticipation of word from the insurance company.

As the final days countdown to the underwriters decision, the horse and pony racing world contemplates what happens with the future of horse and pony racing throughout Ireland.

With just a few days to the planned races in Castleisland in Co. Kerry everyone is preparing for the best and dreading the worst.

Pony racing has been running throughout Ireland for many many generations. We have Castleisland, which will hopefully be having its 163rd anniversary of racing on Sunday

Throughout the decades, horse and pony racing has brought a great deal of delight to a countless number of people.  The list of previous and present jockeys is extensive, and it continues to grow year after year.

We have world-famous jockeys whose parents or grandparents are still involved in the running of the horse and pony racing on a weelky basis. Horse and pony racing has provided the foundation for many sporting heroes.

The Irish horse and pony racing family stretches throughout the world and not just with the jockeys produced, but also with the 1000’s of others who have carved careers from the equine industry.

There is a full season of racing scheduled for 2022. It would be a complete disaster if the season could not continue in Castleisland on Sunday 19th June

The mind boggles that a sport so deeply rooted in Irish culture could be in such a precarious position

We will keep you updated on this as soon as the IHPRA make any announcement






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