Standards of equipment for Jockeys 2023

Body Protectors, Gumshileds, Helmets and proper racing boots must be worn by all jockeys. Below are details of standards of equipment that must be complied to by all Jockeys


Body Protectors:
European Standard is EN13158:2018 so all BP worn by jockeys should carry this mark
Our standard is Level 2 body protector which is the minimum level to be worn
This means a jockey can wear a Level 2 or Level 3 body protector but not a Level 1
It is strongly encourage any jockey with a Level 1 not to use it even riding out
Level 3 weighs more and so is not
particular popular among jockeys
Racesafe is currently the only brand worn by jockeys. A new design for the Level 2 Racesafe body protectors has just been finalised and is due to be brought in by the IHRB and the British Horseracing Authority in. January 2023 This has the same standard and is still a Level 2, but modifications include tapering at the. front, and a segmented back panel and softer

The helmet standard is based on a European Standard and so every helmet worn should carry the mark: PAS015:2011
The majority of new helmets sold in Ireland will be of this standard as it has been in place since 2011.
The most popular brands among
jockeys remain Charles Owen Champion and KEP. The KEP is an excellent helmet but is very expensive. The most important part of the helmet is that it fits correctly so make sure your jockeys are attending a reputable provider, with a sales person who has been trained in fitting helmets.
The next most important part is that helmets are replaced after any heavy falls after any concussion/(even it appears undamaged ) or if damaged in any way


Gum Shields:

Gum shields are manditory for all jockeys.


Riding boots:

Jockeys must wear proper racing boots


Any queries please contact the regional committees.