Pony Racing gallops into Borris Co Carlow for exciting 2023 season kickoff

Borris House  Races: The Horse&Pony Racing season kickoff

The Horse & Pony racing world is buzzing with excitement as the highly-anticipated Borris Races draws near. The event, set to take place on April 9th, is a showcase of some of the most impressive horse and pony racing talent in the region. Featuring   exhilarating Pong races and Horse Races races spanning distances from 1 mile to 2 miles, this is an event that fans of the sport simply cannot afford to miss.

The races are set to feature some of the most promising up-and-coming jockeys in the region, as well as established trainers who are looking to cement their position at the top of the game. Spectators can expect to see the finest thoroughbred ponies and horses the area competing fiercely to take home the prize.

This year’s event promises to be particularly special.

Fans will have the opportunity to see last year’s top-performing superstars once again put their boots on and take to the track. This adds a layer of excitement and anticipation to an already thrilling event.

Borris Races has a rich history, with the event dating back over a century. It is a beloved tradition in the region, and the 2023 edition on Horse&Pony racing promises to be one of the most exciting yet. Fans from all over the country are expected to travel to Borris in County Carlow to witness the thrilling and exciting  horse and pony races.

The event will take place at the Borris Racecourse, just outside the town of Borris, With a 10 race racecard this gives fans plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere and get a glimpse of the horses and jockeys as they prepare for their races.

For those looking for a day out with the whole family, Borris Races is a perfect choice. In addition to the races themselves, the event promises plenty of food, drink, and entertainment for all ages. This makes it a must-attend event not just for equestrian enthusiasts, but for anyone looking for a fun and exciting day out.

Overall, Borris Races 2023 promises to be one of the most thrilling equestrian events of the year. With 10 exciting races, top-performing horses and jockeys, and a festive atmosphere, this is an event that no sports fan should miss.