Dartfield Horse and Pony Racing Results– 29th May 2022

  • Dartfield Horse and Pony Racing Results – 29th May 2022

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A fantastic 18 race card  today in Dartfield. Many races being split into to 2 divides.

We had two jockeys Dylan O Connor and Kian (Tubs) McNally with a treble each on the card, first time winners  Wayne Hassett, Lily Walsh,  Holly Halford , Leah Mccarthy, with Eryka Snioch winning the Ladies Race,  Reese Holohan, Adam Grant, Calum Hogan, Jack DeBromhead, Tommy Halford,  Dawn Ladd Finn with notable wins with Brody Ferry riding the winner of the local race



1.5 mile open

1st Kinnegar Boy  Wayne Hassett

2nd Too late Ted Adam Grant

3rd Make A Plan Calum Hogan.




1 mile open div 2

1st Honest Bernie Tubs Kian McNally

2nd The Two Boys  Dylan O Connor

3rd Sandra’s Secret Ava Sugrue.



1 mile open div 1

1st Take A Pull  Dylan O Connor

2nd Another Plan Adam Grant

3rd Who’s Telling Who Sam Coen




14.2 Pony race div 1

1st Five Stone Of Lead  Tubs Kian McNally

2nd Harpers Pet Tommy Halford

3rd The Low Road Wayne Hassett



15hh race

1st Cali Cartel Dylan O Connor

2nd All Bets Are Off   Jack deBromhead

3rd Silent Star James Costelloe





14.2 div 2

1st  Sinola Cartel Dylan O Connor

2nd  Harpers Pet  Tommy Halford

3rd Carraig Ava Bobby Doyle Murphy



14h Pony race

1st Katie Taylor Reese Holohan.

2nd Little Maine  Dylan O Connor.

3rd Eldorado  Tubs Kian McNally


13.2 Pony race

1st Mysterious Lady   Lily Walsh

2nd Young Pie Reese Holohan

3rd Diamond Nell


12.2 Pony race

1st South Of The Border  Adam Grant.

2nd Little Lioness  Reese Holohan

3rd Templehill Tamara  Dylan O Connor


2 mile div 2

1st Bubba Watson  Calum Hogan

2nd Big Bucks Tubs Kian McNally

3 Peace and Quiet Ava Sugrue


Local Race

1st Twitch It  Brody Ferry

2nd Daniel Boome  Niamh Murphy

3rd Railway Toffee  Sophie Made Kerin



2 mile open

1st Brandy & Ginger Ale  Tubs Kian McNally

2nd Tell Us More  Sam Coen

3rd Father Hegarthys Rock  Nicola Burns

4th The Auld House  Paddy Hanlon



1st Popalushka  Dawn Ladd Finn.

2nd Dyna  Kaylum Reid

3rd Two Cool Dudes  Rossita Dunne.



1.5mile open division 2

1st Verstappen Tommy Halford

2nd Storm Force  Dylan O Connor

3rd Not Now Ned  Adam  Browne Sousa.



1.5mile open division 1

1st  Cookies and Cream  Jack DeBromhead

2nd The Highest Level   Keithen Kennedy

3rd Heartbreak Hill   Paddy Hanlon.



Ladies Derby

1st Our Souls  Eryka Snioch

2nd Today is Monday  Shelly Brickley

3rd Let it go third for M De Sousa



Second divide of Oisín Patrick Kelly .  beginners

1st The Russian  Leah Mccarthy.

2nd Knock him back  William Ladd Finn



Opening Oisín Patrick Kelly . beginners race

1st Willie No Legs Holly Halford.

2nd Lucy  Archie Monaghan

3rd Annie Power Gilby Monaghan.

4th Ask Aidan John Hayes

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