Race card and Results for Geesala races Sunday 14 August


Race card for Geesala races Sunday 14 August 1pm start

Race 1 12:2. 13:2 combined 1mile 800euro
Race 2. 14 hands 14:2 combined. 11/4 miles 800euro
Race 3 1 1/4 open. 1000 euro
Race 4 2 mile open. 1500 euro
Race 5. 15 hands. 1 1/2 miles. 800 euro
Race 6. 1 1/2 mile open. 1000 euro
Race 7. 1 mile open. 1000. euro
Race 8 1 mile non winners 800 euro (for horses that have ran 3 times in any region this year and didnt win)

Results for Gessala Sunday 14 th August at 1.pm
Race 1.12.2

1st 2.Where it began.  Kinan Tubz Mc Mally.

2nd 1.Grey Fox. Sophie Kerin

3rd 3.Tempilhill Tamara Jack DeBromhead

4.sore looser.

Race 2.13.4 14.hands combined
1st 1.Little Mainie.  Dylan O’Connor






1st  6.Skye Kian Mc Nally

2nd  5.Pacman Jack De Bromhead

3rd   2.Jackall Reece Holohan

4.little chief

Race 3 1 1/4 open horse

1st 7.Maverick Jack DeBromhead

2nd 3.Heartbreakhill Paddy Hanlon

3rd. 8.One for the road. Adam Grant

2.The muckish man
4.The highest level
5.shake him up
6.whos telling who

Race 4. 2 mile Derby
1st 1.Right on time. Paddy Hanlon

2nd 4.Chloes Sam. Kethin Kennedy

3rd 5.Johnny Depp.  Jack DeBromhead

2.idas dream
3.Tinder swindler
5.johnny Depp
6.The vaper
7.father hegartys rock

Race 5 15 hands
1st 4.  Silent Stars Dylan O’Connor

2nd. 6.  StJames Paddy Hanlon

1.Annie power
2.Baby brown
4.All bets are of
5.cali cartel.

Race 6.1 1/2 open horse
1st. 6.Mr.James. Adam Grant

2nd 3.Bypolar Blondie. Kian Tubz McNally

3rd 2.The Gambler  Kethin Kennedy

1.my special boy
4.cool caragain

Race 7 1 mile open horse
1st  7.Honest Bernie. Kian Tubz McNally

2nd  6.whats goin on. Kethin Kennedy

3rd  5.Take a pull.  Dylan O ‘Connor

1.The cool boy
2.Easy tiger.
3.Best friends
8.causeway cliff
9.Ahear lad
10.little mainin

Race 8 1 mile non winners

Dead heat for 1st

1st 7.Pack Your Bags  Conor Whitley

1st  9.Caramor.  Adam Grant

3rd 6.Keeperhill   Nessa Burns

1.Do your job
2.The new house
4.Too late ted
5.si senoir
7.pack your bags
8.costal boy




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