Race card and results for Allihies races Monday 15 August

Allihies Entries 15 August 2022@ 1.30pm. Non Runners to be notified by Saturday please.

12.2hh 6 Furlongs.

1st 1. South Of The Border. P Collins.  J   Lilly Walsh
2nd  2. Templehill Tamara. JJ O Keeffe    J.    D’OConnor
n\r. 3. Where It Began. S Kerr


1st   3. Mysterious Lady. J O Keeffe.   J. Lilly Wals

2nd  4. Hello Thunder. Curly Syndicate. J. Adam Grant

3rd. 1.Sore Looser. J O Sullivan.  J.   Dylan O’Connor

2. Down Mexico Way. P Collins
3. Mysterious Lady. J O Keeffe
5. Hello Boy. P A O Sullivan


14.2hh 10F

1.st. 1. Little Quinty. Curragh Racing. J.  Adam Grant
2nd. 2. Crystal Lady. Tyner Syndicate Dylan O’Connor
3rd. 4. Curragh Tulip. Curragh Racin.  J  Darragh O’Sullivan

3. The Low Road. N Brosnan

5. Carrig Ava. Kyle Syndicate
6. Five Stone Of Lead. S Kerr
7. Pacman. M Ahern


15hh. 10F

1st   5. All Bets Are Off. M Ahern.  J.  Dylan O’Connor

2nd 6. Baby Brown. M/K Flannery.J.    Paddy Hanlon

3rd 1. Bounce. Tyner Syndicate. J. Pactrick Verling

2. Red Handed. Soft Touch Syndicate
3. St James. J Collins
4. Annie Power. M Kavanagh
5. All Bets Are Off. M Ahern
6. Baby Brown. M/K Flannery.



1st   7. Heartbreak Hill. M/K Flannery.   J.    P Hanlon

2nd. 2. Not Now Ned. Dream Team Racing.  J.  Darragh O’Sullivan

Only 2 ran 1. Mayday. Soft Touch Syndicate
2. Not Now Ned. Dream Team Racing
3. Sandra’s Secret. R Sugrue
4. Tommy’s Cross. North West Racing
5. Shelley Baby. J Collins
6. Baby Shark. D Cahill
8. The Highest Level. A Melia
9 Too Late Ted. S Crabbe
10 What’s Going On. A Melia

2 Mile

1st 1. Ida’s Dream. M O Connor. J.  Dylan O’Connor

2nd 4. She’s Got It. Tyner Syndicate.  J.  Patrick Verling

3 ran 2. Paddy Lurch. North West Racing
3. Bonnie Parker. Castle Racing
5. Finntown. H Lee
6. Left To Glory. J Fitzgerald
7. Dicey. S Williams
8. The Notorious. D Cahill
9. Let It Go. . S Crabbe
10. The Tinder Swindler. A Melia
11. Here We Go Again. A Melia
12. The Gambler. A Melia
13. Cookies and Cream. M Ahern

Maiden 10F

1st. 4. Make Me. Jack Collins.  J.  Jack Collins

2nd   3. Dan’s Your Man. M O Sullivan. J. Darragh O’Sullivan

3rd. 1. Toss A Coin. Tyner Syndicate. J Patrick Verling
2. Osaka. G Murphy
3. Dan’s Your Man. M O Sullivan
5. The Third Breaker. J O Sullivan
6. Silent Star. M Ahern

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